Dedicated to Create a Better You

The cleaning industry has been under-appreciated for far too long. A career at Cobalt Clean will allow you the opportunity to be recognized for the work that you love to do - CLEANING. Cobalt Clean is a workplace where hard work is recognized and rewarded. We are dedicated to provide the resources and tools for everyone to be successful on our team. We continue to use innovative methods and strategies grow as a company and help create a better profession for you.

Our Professional House Cleaners pride themselves in their work. The quality they provide clients set the standards high in the industry. Here at Cobalt Clean, we provide outstanding training and support system to ensure success and opportunity for growth for our team.

Professional House Cleaners

Designed to elevate your cleaning techniques, we've created our Professional House Cleaning Training Course for those with all levels of experience. This course will aide in success to becoming a Professional Cleaner at Cobalt Clean.

Master Classes

Learning doesn't just stop at your initial training! At Cobalt Clean, we promote growth and development by offering continued learning in our master classes. You will find different topics that have helped our cleaners be successful during their career at Cobalt clean.